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Welcome to the website. ferite is a scripting engine and language written in c for complete portability. For more information please see the about page. The current version is 1.1.19.

quick example:

ferite is a clean language with influences from various places: objects from Java/C++, functions from C/php, closures from scheme, block calling from ruby, namespaces from C++, as well as its own a sane loose typing mechanism, variant type and set of nice APIs. Here is an example:

      uses "console";
      Console.println( "Hello World" );

This is the famous "Hello World" program in ferite, to see more examples have a look at the example page. You can see a number of examples by clicking on this link. ferite features a wealth of features including explicit global variables, multi-threading, namespaces, normal functions, exception handling, perl like regular expressions, variable argument lists, plus all sorts of other goodies to provide a pleasant programming experience.

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