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ferite is a scripting language and engine all in one manageable chunk.

ferite was born from the desire to have a language that was easy to embed within other applications. It reached version 1.0 in the second quarter of 2005.

The initial design was focused on embedding within other systems and has since gone on to prove itself within web application development and server environments. The syntax has evolved over the years and has a large number of design cues from other popular languages. It is the combination of the different ideas and their careful blending that gives ferite its unique - yet familiar - feel that is fun and straight forward to develop in. It has been in development since the summer of 2000.

ferite is the fault of Chris Ross.


If you want to chat to a developer, or two, you are more than welcome to join us in our irc chat room on the network in #ferite.

If you prefer to email, you can contact the lead developer Chris Ross, at chris at ferite dot org

ferite and related projects © 2000-2010, Chris Ross