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Files Generated
Alarm - Provide a means for setting an alarm [date]
Array - Provides a set of functions to manipulate arrays [array]
Aspell - This class provides an interface to aspell [aspell]
Cairo - Provides a set of classes to create vector graphics [cairo]
Cairo.Context - The Cairo drawing context [cairo]
Cairo.ImageSurface - A Cairo surface for drawing in an image [cairo]
Cairo.PDFSurface - A Cairo surface for drawing in PDF documents [cairo]
Cairo.Surface - Base class for cairo surfaces [cairo]
Class - Instances of this class are used to inspect Ferite classes [reflection]
Color - Color object used for specifying a rgba colour (red,green,blue,alpha) [image]
Console - Provides a simple interface to the stdin, stdout, and stderr streams [console]
Date - Provides a time object with which information can be gathered [date]
Dbi - this class provides a database interface (dbi) for ferite [dbi]
DbiObject - used to return a result as an object [dbi]
DbiResult - object encapsulation all funtions avalible on a dbi result set [dbi]
Directory - This class provides a means for accessing a directory for reading [filesystem]
Draw - Contains classes for drawing images and documents [Draw]
Draw - Contains classes for drawing to PDF documents [Draw]
Draw.Base - All types of images and documents extends this class [Draw]
Draw.Color - Describes a color in an image or document [Draw]
Draw.Creator - Creates PDF documents from XML descriptions [Draw]
Draw.Item - Contains items that can be drawn to a PDF document [Draw]
Draw.Item.Container - An item that hold other items [Draw]
Draw.Item.Image - An item used to draw an image [Draw]
Draw.Item.Item - The base class for all items [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape - Contains shapes like lines, rectangles and circles [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.Circle - A circle [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.Ellipse - An ellipse [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.EllipseContainer - An ellipse that can contain other items [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.Line - A line [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.Rectangle - A rectangle [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.RectangleContainer - A rectangle that can contain other items [Draw]
Draw.Item.Shape.Shape - An item describing the basics of a shape [Draw]
Draw.Item.SimpleText - An item used to draw simple text [Draw]
Draw.Item.Text - An item used to draw text [Draw]
Draw.ItemElement - Contains ItemElements that the Draw [Draw]
Draw.ItemElement.ItemElement - The base class of ItemElements [Draw]
Draw.PDF - A PDF document [Draw]
Draw.PNG - A PNG image [Draw]
Draw.Position - Describes a position in an image or document [Draw]
Embfer - An interface to the embedded ferite interpreter [embfer]
Event - A thread safe way of signalling events between threads [thread]
File - This class provides a means for accessing a file for reading or writing [filesystem]
FileSystem - The core container for the filesystem utilities and constants [filesystem]
Font - Objects of this class hold a font that can be used for writting text on to an image [image]
Fontdir - This provides the access to setting up the font paths [image]
FreezeThaw - Provides a 'lite' set of function(s) to manipulate frozen variables [misc]
Function - Instances of this class are used to inspect Ferite functions [reflection]
GetOptLong - Gives arguement parsing ability [misc]
Image - this class provide the facility to create and manipulate images from ferite [image]
IPCObject - Provides an interface to Unix SysV style shared memory [ipc]
JSON - A set of services that provide rapid JSON parsing and RPC functions [JSON]
JSON.RPC - This namespace provides a set of functions for use in invoking a JSON-RPC session [JSON]
Mail - The holding namespace for Mail related tools [cmail]
Mail.Address - A point of contact [cmail]
Mail.AddressList - A list of addresses [cmail]
Mail.Connection - An instance of this class is required to connect to a mail server [cmail]
Mail.Encoding - Encoding types [cmail]
Mail.Message - Every email is represented by a Mail [cmail]
Mail.MessageHeader - The header of a Mail [cmail]
Mail.MessageMultiPart - A multipart container for a email block [cmail]
Mail.MessagePart - An inidividual content part of an email block [cmail]
Mail.Mime - The mime types [cmail]
MatchObject - This class is what is used to return match information from regular expression object [regexp]
Math - Provides a set of mathematical functions [math]
Math.Complex - Provides methods for manipulating complex numbers [math]
memcached - A set of services that provide access memcached [memcached]
memcached.Cache - A wrapper around a memcached cache handle [memcached]
MHash - The namespace for the MHash module [MHash]
MHash.Hash - The Hash class allows you to perform a hash on arbitrary amounts of data using any of the many hash algorithms built into the MHash library [MHash]
Mutex - A mutex that can be used to lock sections of code [thread]
MutliPart - class return when uploading files using mutlipart forms [apache]
Namespace - This class wraps a ferite namespace and provides mechanisms to query it's contents [reflection]
Network.Host - Finds information about a network host [network]
Network.Service - Stores information about a network service [network]
Network.TCP - TCP contains the tcp/ip specific functions and classes [network]
Network.TCP.Stream - Provides a tcp stream implementation of the standard stream object [network]
Network.UDP - The UDP namespace provides a set of tools to access udp streams [network]
Network.UDP.Stream - Used for sending and receiving UDP datagrams [network]
Network.Unix - The Unix namespace provides a set of tools to access unix domain socket streams [unix]
Network.Unix.Stream - Provides a Unix domain socket implementation of the Stream object [unix]
Number - Provides a set of numberical functions [number]
Object - Instances of this class are used to inspect Ferite objects [reflection]
Pango - The namespace for the Pango module [pango]
Point - a class to hold a coordiante [image]
Polygon - This calls holds a polygon used for drawing [image]
Posix.Pipe - This class provides a means for talking to a forked child process [posix]
Posix.ProcessStream - This class provides a means for reading or writing to another process [posix]
Posix.Rlimit - Allows you to get and set resource limits [posix]
Posix.Rusage - Get the resource usage of this process or all dead child processes [posix]
Posix.SelectResult - Returned by Posix [posix]
Posix.Stat - Provides functions to interrogate the information returned after a Posix [posix]
Posix.Uname - This class provides various system information [posix]
Posix.User - Class to wrap the information about a user [posix]
Rect - holds two objects, a point and size object [image]
Regexp - The core class of the regular expression engine [regexp]
Request - This class provides an interface to apache [apache]
RMI - The top-level namespace for the Remote Method Invocation framework [rmi]
RMI.Error - Error return values [rmi]
Serialize - Provies a set of functions to serialize and deserialize objects [serialize]
Size - a class to hold a width and height [image]
Stream - This is the core of the stream layer that provides the io operations for ferite scripts [stream]
Stream.StdioStream - Provides a standard io interface to a native OS stream [stream]
Stream.Stream - Provides the mechanism for stream objects - it has a number of methods for use [stream]
Stream.StringStream - Provides a way to access a string as if it were a stream [stream]
String - Provides a set of functions to manipulate strings [string]
Sys - The main system namespace, it provides a abstract system interface [sys]
Sys.env - Provides access to the enviroment the script runs in [sys]
Template - A fast template library custom written for ferite [template]
Thread - A thread object allowing for multi-threaded scripts within the ferite environment [thread]
Unix - The main unix namespace, it provides a standard unix system interface [unix]
Unix.SyslogStream - This is Stream returned by Unix [unix]
Variable - This class allows you to wrap a variable and access the accessor mechanism provided by ferite [reflection]
XML - This namespace holds the various XML tools that can be used within ferite [xml]
XML.Element - This class hold an xml element and its sub tree [xml]
XML.SAXParser - Implements a SAXParser [xml]
XML.TreeParser - Implements a TreeParser [xml]
XSLT - The XSLT namesapce contains a set of tools for providing XSLT transforms on an XML [xslt]
XSLT.Transform - The core class of the XSLT module, this class provides the mechanism for doing XSLT transformations [xslt]
Zip - This namespace is a contianer for the diffrent classes zipArchive and zipEntry [zip]
Zip.zipArchive - This class is for loading and reading the archive [zip]
Zip.zipEntry - This class is the container for an entry in the zip-archive [zip]

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